Gulbarga University
Year of establishment:1980-81
Gulbarga - 585 106, Karnataka State - India
Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Psychology
Dr. Shivakumar S. Chengti
Department of P.G. Studies and Research in Psychology
Jnana Ganga, Gulbarga University
Gulbarga - 585 106 Karnataka, India
Tel No.: +91 8472-263278 (O)
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"INCHARA", H.No.2-910/65/5 Doctors Colony, Jayanagar
Sedam Road
Gulbarga - 585 105 Karnataka, India
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+91 9986085144 (Cell)
Date of Birth: 05.11.1958
Academic Qualifications: M.A., PGDAP, Ph.D.


Karnataka University, Dharwad

PGDAP ACG, New Delhi 1986

Karnataka University, Dharwad Karnataka, India.

Topic : The Impact of Education on Individual Modernity.


Areas of Specialization

OB, Clinical Health and Social Psychology

Teaching Experience

Lecturer, Department of Psychology, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga from 1987 to 1992.


Reader, Department of Psychology, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga from 1992 to 2005.


Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga from 2005 to till date.

Research Guidance

Doctor of Philosophy


Name of the student

Title of the Thesis


1. Farida Shanaz The Impact of Deprivation on Different Patterns of Aggressive Behaviour 2000
2. Kedarnath B.T. Education, Modernity and Mental Health in two Religious Groups. 2002
3. Smt. Renukadevi S. Bhagale The Impact of Organizational Climate on Quality of Work Life and Job Satisfaction. 2003
4. Mallikarjun B. Individual Modernity in Different Levels of Education. 2004
5. M.S. Pasodi The Influence of Motivational Techniques and Socio-Economic Status on the Performance of Sportsmen. 2004
6. Marlingappa Hosmani The Influence of SES on Health Modernity and Well being of Students. 2005
7. Md. Sayeeduddin Influence of Psycho-Social Factors on Performance of Sports Person. 2006
8. C.R. Bhairaddy The Influence of Achievement, Motivation, Self Confidence and SES on the Performance of National Kho Kho Players. 2006
9. Sukannya S. Patil The Impact of Psychological Factors on Health Status 2006
10. P. Hanamanthayya The Effect of SES and Personality Dimensions on the Performance of Athletes. 2006
11. Prakash Bhimaraya Marital Adjustment of Working Women 2006

Master of Philosophy


Name of the student

Title of the Thesis


1. Chougule Hanmanth A Study of Adjustment Introversion College Students 1996
2. Ramanna C. Pujari Measurement of Religious Attitudes among four Religions Groups 1996
3. Renuka Bhagale Personality and Individual Modernity 1996
4. Hosmani Marlingappa Religion and Health Modernity 1998
5. Chandrakant B.K. Health Modernity of Married and Unmarried Working Women 1999
6. Vazra V. Hiregoudar Exploring Personality Disorders of Bhanamati (Witchcraft) Victims 2001
7. Srinivas Rukkappa    
8. Santhoshi M. Gole Occupational Stress and Personality Profile of Employees 2001
9. C.R. Bhairaddy Influence of Achiement and Motiviation on Performance of Inter-University Kho-Kho Players 2002
10. P. Hanamanthayya The Effect of Professional in Sports on Personality Dimensions and Aggression 2002
11. Santhoskumar Shreekar Locus of Control and Health Modernity 2004
12. Bagappa Chalawadi Attitude towards Family Planning and Birth Control 2005
13. Rajendra Revanasiddappa Mental Health and Marital Adjustment 2007
Research Projects :


Sl.No. Title of the project Funding Agency Duration

Amount sanctioned

1. Health Status: An evaluation of Health Care Services in Hyderabad-Karnataka Region ZP, Gulbarga 1 Year --
2. Psychological Aspects of Rural Development: A study on JRY Gulbarga University, Gulbarga 1 Year --
Research Publications
1. A study on the Role of incentives on the performance of students: Indian Psychological Review, Vol.29, 1985, ppA7-52
2. Cinema-A basic psychological need of the day, Indian Psychological Review, Vo1.32: 1, 1987, pp.l4-17
3. A study on smoking and personality characteristics: Indian Psychological Review, Vo1.32, 8-9, 1987, ppA7-50
4. Intelligence, personality and smoking: A comparative study; Kavimarg, Vol A, 3-4, 1991, pp.l2-16
5. Choosing vocations: A study on Interests, Indian Journal of Social Research, Vol.XXXIII: 4, 1992, pp.379-85
6. Compilation of Chengti's Researches; Kavimarg, Vol.7: 1,1994, pp.39-41
7. Academic achievement, intelligence and, modernity; Social change, Vol.25:4, 1995, pp.56-62
8. Impact of Education on individual modernity of students; Journal of Community Guidance and Research, Vol.13: 2, 1996, pp.1 0 1-111
9. Marital Adjustment: A study on couples; Indian Psychological Review, Vol.50: 1, 1998
10. The Influence of individual modernity on mental health; Indian Journal of Applied Psychology, Vol.36, 1999, pp.24-28
Membership of Professional Organizations
1. Member of National Academy of Psychology
2. Member of Indian Association of Mental Health
3. Member of CSD, New Delhi
4. Member of CGR, Madras
5. Member of lASS, Madras
6. Member of AOP, Tirupati
7. Worked as Chairman of Dept. of Psychology, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga in the year 1995-97; 1999-2001and 2003-2005.
8. Member of Academic Council, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga for the period of 1995-97 and 1999-2001.
List of  Refresher Courses/Summer Institute/Orientation Courses Attended:
1. Attended UGC Orientation coursed in Psychology organized by ASC, Karnataka University, Dharwad, 1987
2. Attended UGC Refreshers Course in Psychology, organized by ASC, Calicut University, Calicut (Kerala)
Special Lectures organized/Delivered:
1. Acted as Resource person to deliver a lecture on 'Research Methodology' in the Orientation Program of 'Research Methodology in Social Sciences' organized by Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 2000.
2. Organized special lecture and inauguration of 'Psychological Counselling Center' in the Dept. of Psychology, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, Aug.2000.
3. Acted as Resource person to deliver two special lectures on 'Organizational Behviour' in the Refresher course organized by the Dept. of commerce and Management, Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 2000.
4. Delivered Special Lectures on 'Understanding Behavior' organized by DTC, Gulbarga,2004.
5. Delivered Special Lecture in CTC organized by Chand Bibi B.Ed, College Gulbarga,2004.
6. Delivered Special Lecture on 'Superstitions and mental health' in CTC, organized by Aryan B.Ed. College, Gulbarga, 2005.
7. Acted as Chief Guest in the Inauguration of CTC organized by Mohmadi B.Ed. College, Gulbarga, 2005.
8. Delivered Special Lecture on 'Personality Development' in a function organized by C.P. B.Ed. College Gulbarga, 2006.
9. Delivered a Special Lecture on 'Factors affecting Effective Teaching' in a function organized by M. Piyare B.Ed. College Gulbarga, Sept.2006.
Conferences organized/attended/papers presented
1. Attended and presented a paper in Two-days workshop on 'Rural Development' held in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 1993
2. Individual Modernity and Academic Achievement: A Paper presented and published in VI Annual Conference of NAOP held in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 1995.
3. The Education that has failed: A paper presented and published in Academic Conference of GUPCTA, Gulbarga, 1997.
4. Impact of modernity on mental health: A Paper presented in V International Conference ofIAAP, Bangalore, 1999.
5. Participated in UGC National workshop on 'Human Rights Education', Gulbarga University Gulbarga, 1999.
6. Participated in IV Annual Conference of Indian Association of Mental Health, held in Osmania University, Hyderabad, Sept. 2000.
7. Self- acceptance, academic achievement and psychological wellbeing of adolescents: A Paper presented in XI Annual Conference of NAOP held at Andhra University, Vishakhapattanam, Dec.2000.
8. Participated in a Seminar on 'Higher Education and Proposed KSU Bill 2000' organized in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, 2001.
9. Religion, Caste, SES and Modernity: A Paper presented and published in the First Annual Conference of AOP organized in S.V.University, Tirupati, and Feb.2001.
10. Disabled Children: A Paper presented in a workshop on 'Children's Code Bill 2000' organized in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga.
11. Death Anxiety in the Elderly: A Paper presented in the Conference on 'Aging', organized by Bangalore University, Bangalore, 2004.
12. A Paper presented in the workshop on 'Domestic Violence Bill' organized by SSL Law College, Gulbarga, 2005.
13. Elevating the young minds: A Paper presented and published in the Workshop organized by MGDA College, Gulbarga, 2005
14. Organized the V Annual Conference of IAMH in Gulbarga University, Gulbarga, Jan. 2005.
15. A Paper presented in the Asian Regional Conference on 'Healthy Aging' organized by Bangalore University, Bangalore, Feb. 2006.
16. Influence of psychological factors on sports performance: A Paper presented in the International Conference of PESS, organized by MAHE, Manipal, 2006.
17. Acted as Co chairperson in scientific session in the International conference of PESS, MAHE, Manipal, 2006.
18. Acted as co-Chairman in Scientific session of 'Sports Psychology' in the National conference on Integrated approach towards Physical Education and work shop on Research in the Development of Physical Education and Sports, organized in Gulbarga University,Gulbarga,Feb.I-3,2007.
19. Acted as chairman in scientific session in National Conference of AOP, held in DDE, S.V. University, Tirupati on March, 2007.