Gulbarga University
Year of establishment: 1980-81
Gulbarga - 585 106, Karnataka State - India
The University shall have the Faculties of Arts, Commerce, Education, Engineering, Law, Science and Technology and such other subjects as may be prescribed by the Statutes from time to time.
Each Faculty shall consist of such number of Departments of Studies as may be assigned to it by the Ordinance.
The Department of Studies in each Faculty shall consist of the following Members, namely:
  • The Dean of Faculty
  • The Registrar (Evaluation)
  • The teachers of the Department
  • Honorary Professors, if any attached to the Department
  • Persons appointed to conduct Research in the Department
  • Such other persons who are members of the Department as may be prescribed in the Ordinance.
Any Department of Studies may be established or abolished by the Statutes.
Each Department of Studies shall have a chairman who shall also be the Chairman of the Department Council.
Each Department of Studies shall have a Departmental Council consisting of :
  • All the Professors and Readers
  • The Registrar ( Evaluation)
  • Two senior most Lectures in the Department.
The Syndicate shall appoint the Chairman for a term of two years for such other term as the Syndicate may determine from time to time.
The Chairman shall be incharge of the administration of the Department. The powers, duties and functions of the Department Council and of the Chairman shall be as prescribed by the Statutes.
Each Faculty shall consist of the following members, namely:
  • The Dean of the Faculty
  • The Registrar (Evaluation)
  • The Chairman of the Department of Studies in the Faculty
  • All the Professors and in the absence of Professors, Readers in the Faculty from each Department in the Faculty
  • One reader and One Lecturer in each Department of Studies nominated by the Vice-chancellor by rotation in the order of Seniority for a term of two years
  • Five Teachers of Colleges and two Experts from other Universities in the States nominated by the Vice-chancellor for a term of two years
  • Such other persons as specified by the statues
The Faculties shall exercise such powers and perform such functions as may be prescribed by the Statutes.
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