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Year of establishment: 1980-81
Gulbarga - 585 106, Karnataka State - India
University Science Instrumentation Centre

University Science Instrumentation Centre
Experimentation forms a major component of training and research in Science and Technology; hence accurate observation and measurements assume considerable importance in science education and research. For the training of experimental scientists of high caliber and for sustaining the continuous interest of students in the environment of rapid advances of science and technology, the university departments and colleges need to be continuously provided with highly reliable sophisticated instruments for teaching and advanced research. To fulfill these aspects, there is a requirement of well planned structure with appropriate facilities and personnel in all aspects of instrumentation, the UGC has thought about the new scheme that is nothing but University Science Instrumentation Centers.
Under this scheme the UGC will assist the universities to create essential support facilities where all major instruments in the university could be centralized for their maximum utilization, with workshops supported by well qualified personnel for fabrication, repairs and maintenance of all types of instruments. This special scheme of UGC i.e., University Science Instrumentation Centre (USIC) was established in the year 1993 in Gulbarga University with the financial support of UGC & it is under Level-I. This provides various centralized instrumentation facilities for academic & research community in this region. Also the centre offers teaching, training and research programmes in the related areas.
The UGC mission of USIC program will have the following objectives.
To encourage universities with a view to strengthen their technological infrastructure through collaborative efforts of the academic community of the university.
To provide adequate infrastructural resources as developmental inputs to the universities and to nurture and spread the culture of instrumentation in the Higher Education System.
To maximize use of expensive equipments in universities through training and suitable pooling mechanism with the help of USICs.
To generate man power at different levels to enable the country to face the challenges of modern instrumentation.
To provide services to departments/offices of the university and its affiliated colleges in service and maintenance of their instruments and assist to provide services on analytical and specialized instruments.
To design and fabricate teaching aids and instruments required for research and teaching of departments and colleges.
To organize training programmes in instrumentation for the teachers, students and technical staff of the universities/colleges in the state. Such programmes could be either short duration certificate courses or long duration P.G. and Diploma courses.
To promote and conduct R&D programmes in instrumentation in USICs and other departments.
Available Facilities
Electronics/Electrical Section
Generator set, Oscilloscope, Multimeters, Pulse generator, Laboratory Signal generators, Power supplies and tools etc.
Drilling machine, Lathe, Slotting & Bending m/c (plate & Pipe), Cutting m/c, Surface grinder, Welding m/c, Gas cylinders
Glass Blowing Unit
Glass Blower, Cutting, Grinding, Lathe, Graduation m/c, Glass burners, heating furnace and tools etc.
Analytical Instruments Section
a) Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
b) Double beam UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
with variable bandwidth,
AAS is used for elemental analysis.
Make : Thermo Jarrel Ash, USA
Model : Smith Hieftje 1000
Mode of Operation : Double beam absorption
It is used for Spectrum, Kinetic measurement,
Protein and DNA/RNA analysis etc.
Make: PG Instruments Ltd, London, U.K. Model: T90+
Stereoscopic zoom Microscope with digital Camera
It is used for image display, analysis, documentation purpose.Make: Leica Microsystems, Germany Model: Leica S8 APO
Liquid Nitrogen Plant
Used for the production of Liquid nitrogen.
Make : Philips Holland
Model : PLN 106
Capacity: 5 ltrs/hour
Chiller plant
This acts as a water cooling system for the Liquid nitrogen plant.Make : Voltas Ltd, Bangalore Capacity : 5TR
Deep Freezer (-85 deg cen)
This is used to preserve the biological samples at very low temperature of -85 deg centigrade. Make: So-Low Environmental Equipment Co. Ohio, U.S.A. Model: U85-18, Upright freezer Capacity : 5TR
Water Distillation Plant
Used for the production of distilled water.Make: Bhanu Scientific Instruments, Bangalore.Model: MQD.XL.RSH, Single distillation
Battery Charging unit
Used to charge UPS & Scientific batteries.Make : Cine Arc Electric Input : 230v, 1 phase, Output : 12v DC
Science& Technology Creativity Centre
It is a facility for Local Youths/ Students /Staff to develop their innovative ideas.
Xerox Facility
Used as a central Xeroxing machine. Make : Modi Xerox machine, Model No: 5223
Name/Phone No./E-mail
Field of Specialization
Dr.Vani R.M
08472-246944 (R)
9342331758 (M)
Reader/Tech. Off-II & Head
B.E., M.Tech., Ph.D.
Electronics , Digital Electronics, Microwave Electronics, Microprocessors & Microcontrollers, and Computer based Instrumentation
Shri. Sudhindra F.
08472-237566 (R)
9449768964 (M)
Technical Officer-I
Technical Staff
Sri. Rajendra Kumar 9845410846
Technician Gr-IV
Repair, Maintenance & Fabrication of Instruments in Electronics instrumentation lab, specially trained for Liquid Nitrogen plant, AAS, UV-Visible Spectrophotometer.

Sri. Pandhari P. Dhane 9481539137

Technician Gr-IV
Repair, & Servicing of Lab Instruments, Maintenance & fabrication of instruments in electrical instrumentation lab. specially trained for Glass blowing work & water distillation plant,Courses/Workshops Attended:06
Sri. Hanumanth C.
Technician Gr-II
Repair, maintenance & fabrication of instruments in workshop, specially trained for Lathe machine, Stereoscopic zoom Microscope
Sri. Basavaraj Kapoor 9343506907
Technician Gr-II
Repair, maintenance & fabrication of instruments in Welding section, workshop. Specially trained for Chiller plant, refrigerator, A/C, Deep Freezers.Courses/Workshops Attended:01
Sri. Mallikarjun K.
Technician Gr-I
Repair, maintenance & fabrication of instruments in workshop, specially trained for fitter work and Deep Freezer.
1)Teaching Programme:Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems and Applications
This Full term course is offered by USIC from this academic year 2008-2009. Realizing the growth of the Embedded Systems in day-to-day life and the need for trained man power in this promising area, it was planed to start a P.G. Diploma in Embedded Systems & applications for students of this region. Embedded Systems is a unique field, where students need to have sound knowledge in hardware and software design. Keeping this aspect in view, the course will give equal emphasis to hardware and software, enabling students to face challenges in the design and development of state of the art of embedded systems & its applications. The curriculum is latest which includes a module on wireless embedded systems also.
Teaching Programme:Post-Graduate Diploma in Embedded Systems and Applications
The inaugural session of workshop on Embedded systems & applications
Subjects Offered
I Semester
II Semester
8085 Microprocessor & Interfacing
8085 Microprocessor & Interfacing
Sensors and Transducers
Visual Basic Programming
Computer Concepts & ‘C’ Programming
Embedded System Programming
Microcontroller & applications
Embedded Hardware & Applications
Pr 105
8085 Programming & Interfacing Lab
Pr 205
8051 Microcontroller Programming & Interfacing
Pr 106
‘C’ Programming Lab
Pr 206
Project work
2)Conduction of Training Programmes: Short term courses and workshops
The short term courses and training programmes were conducted for sustaining the continuous interest of students in environment of rapid advances in Science & Technology and to expose the students to modern and sophisticated instruments available in the present field. The courses and training programmes offered to P.G. Students of Science departments of GUG., are as follows.
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